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Dr Andrew Pluta


Your safety is a key consideration at this clinic. We block the effects of illegal opiod drugs like heroin, oxycodone or codeine with legal medicines authorised by the government: Suboxone, Subutex and Methadone. Many people, because they have a drug problem, often use drugs in unsafe ways. (- maybe seemed a good idea at the time). I try always to keep everyone safe, under all circumstances.

How we work is about following the goverment's rules and guidelines.
Doctors have rules to follow in prescribing these medications.
Patient's have rules to follow in receiving these medicines.
It's all about being as safe as possible even if people stuff up.

Sometimes, while I would like to believe what you tell me, I need to decide what to do on the worst case scenario. Something "unusual" has happened. If this person is too emabrrassed to tell me the truth, what do I need to do to keep them as safe as possible.

Always keep an eye on any friend who may be starting on a programme, because the most dangerous time is early on- before people have had time to stablise on a high enough dose. For safety reasons, we always start low, but try to get your dose up as quickly as safety permits to stop you using as soon as possible.


Dr Peter Dunne (Deceased).

Addicted to Drugs

Advantages of Suboxone Over Methadone

Disdvantages of Suboxone Over Methadone

There are reasons you chose one medicine over another. I discuss these reasons with you and we chose what will suit your situation the best.








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